Sherni Review

SHERNI review

Sherni Review : This is one of the best films on the topics related to Nature and Human greed. Amit V. Masurkar does it again as he did it in his previous films like Newton. He is like a sculptor who does it in a subtle way but with full impact.

Family Man 2 Review

family man 2

Family Man 2 Review : This mix of crime thriller and modern family drama. You will feel that too many valves are open, water is overflowing, and is suffocating you. Don’t worry that is what Shrikant also feels and then he takes charge of the situation. And you will enjoy a roller-coaster ride with Srikant.

For some, Family Man season one will be the better one among the two seasons. But definitely, all will wait for season 3

Jeet Ki Zid Review

Jeet Ki Zid

Jeet Ki Zid Review : A real-life story that has the potential to be translated into an engaging web series. A commendable effort from ever-improving Amit Sadh. This movie focuses on the personal life struggle of the Indian defense servicemen.

This series falls short on charm and enthusiasm which is a general trait of a patriotic film. Actors have tried their best to overcome the shortfalls of the screenplay.

Taandav Review


Taandav Review : Makers gathered all commendable actors for one of the most appealing plots for Indian audiences. Canvas was ready with all colors in the basket but the painter just spilled a few selective colors on canvas which resulted in a poor illustration of the craft.  

An attempted political thriller that shows only one side of the coin and is prejudiced against a specific religion with unnecessary sequences added just for political propaganda.

Kaagaz Review

Kaagaz Review : The movie has Bad man, item number, and many more hacks which used to work till late 90s but now are cliche. A real-life story like this needed a more sophisticated direction but was treated superficially.

It is the natural and effortless acting of Pankaj Tripathi which is the only reason which may give you a reason to watch this movie till the end. This is a warning call for Pankaj Tripathi… Is he the next victim of typecasting?

You would not regret watching this film though you will be disappointed.

Criminal Justice 2 Review

Criminal Justice 2 review

Criminal Justice 2 Review : A criminal-police-courtroom drama. Though twists are predictable the screenplay keeps you engaged. Situations are gray but characters are radical. The story lands smoothly at the end with no big surprise but the makers are successful in making us eager about how it will unfold.

A Simple Murder: Short Review

A simple murder

A simple murder intends to be a dark comedy.

A chaotic and confused screenplay with too many plots and characters don’t look interesting and we could not continue watching after the second episode.

We have so much promising content on OTT that we will not recommend spending time on ” A simple Murder:

Abhay 2 Review

Abhay 2

Abhay 2 Review : A crime thriller where almost all the characters are crooked. A decent acting effort where Kunal Kemmu has proved his versatility. Director has tried to put together different crime cases in each episode into a single storyline.

JL50 Review


JL50 Review : A SciFi which is nicely blended with an investigative thriller.  Overall good acting efforts by both lead actors Abhay Deol and Pankaj Kapoor. 

This series is like a cream biscuit. If you do not like a biscuit, you can just lick the cream. Similarly, if you do not like SciFi then watch it as a suspense thriller.