Kota Factory 2 Review

Kota Factory 2 Review

Kota Factory 2 Review : If season one was JEE mains, season 2 is JEE advance. Tvf has mastered the art of continuing stories. This is a must-watch which has a mature storyline and subtle but important introspective life lessons. Tvf for web-series is what Maruti is for Indian Cars.

Ray Review


Ray Review : This is a Netflix anthology that is a gripping, thought-provoking, interesting, fresh, and entertaining collection. Kay Kay Manon, Manoj Bajpai, Gajraj Rao, Ali Fazal, or Harshvardhan, you name any actor from this series, for all of them this role will be a milestone in their career.

Aspirants Review


Aspirants Review : When you reach the fifth episode, which is the last episode, you feel it should not end. You want to see Abhilash succeed, to see Guri gets hitched, to see SK be happy, and to see Sandeep bhaiya become an IAS officer. You want the tripod to be balanced and you will have a love-hate feeling for Dharya.  This is the achievement of yet another successful attempt from TVF – Aspirants.

Bombay Begums Review

bombay begums

Bombay Begums Review : A collection of good acting, screenplay with few flaws, and an interesting and thought-provoking web-series. It may be emotionally draining to go through this, for quite some of us.

Taandav Review


Taandav Review : Makers gathered all commendable actors for one of the most appealing plots for Indian audiences. Canvas was ready with all colors in the basket but the painter just spilled a few selective colors on canvas which resulted in a poor illustration of the craft.  

An attempted political thriller that shows only one side of the coin and is prejudiced against a specific religion with unnecessary sequences added just for political propaganda.

Gullak 2 Review

Gullak 2 Review

Gullak 2 Review : Gullak season 2 is again a story of “Mishra Ji Family” which is as interesting as its first installment. You will again fall in love with this family and may also come closer to the family.

You will relate yourself to at least one character in their “Kissa”. Situations shown in this series are snippets of real life, character buildup is impressive and at the end, you want something more.

Criminal Justice 2 Review

Criminal Justice 2 review

Criminal Justice 2 Review : A criminal-police-courtroom drama. Though twists are predictable the screenplay keeps you engaged. Situations are gray but characters are radical. The story lands smoothly at the end with no big surprise but the makers are successful in making us eager about how it will unfold.

I Know This Much Is True Review

I Know This Much Is True Review

I Know This Much Is True Review : A family that is full of secrets. A never-ending misery and battle with oneself. A story of a “not so perfect” man but who knows “this much is true”. “I Know This Much Is True” isn’t a journey that everyone would like to go on. Phenomenal acting helped audiences to go through the ever-increasing misery of the protagonist in this mini-series.