Dasvi Review

Dasvi Review: 1980s movies used to have a hero who will fight with corrupts and villains, this is how audiences got their angry young man because they needed someone to look upon as a savior against all odds and get roti, kapda, makaan sorted. 1990s things got settled and we saw a new set of heroes which were riding bikes, had muscles, lovers but still fighting the villain.

Now in recent times we need a hero,who can fight the villain within oneself, that is where Dasvi stands and it should succeed. Forget if it is good or bad , slow or fast. Watch it to learn how to accept mistakes and strive to correct them.

Hum Do Humare Do Review

hum do humare do review

Hum Do Hamare Do Review : Promotion of the movie is indicating the plot as “A son adopting his parents” but the movie is an old-style love story that serves nothing but an old dish with nothing new. A movie with Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak as protagonists will be far-far better than this, they still have managed to get some really good scenes in this below-average movie.

Sardar Ka Grandson Review

Sardar ka Grandson

Sardar Ka Grandson Review : A potentially good plot with weak execution. It is not a comedy movie and also not an emotional one. It hangs somewhere in between. Given a choice, I would re-write the screenplay with Neena Gupta as the protagonist. If you have watched the trailer, you will not get anything new in the movie. It may be due to overdone in trailers or underdone in movies.

You may watch it for the cuteness of Neena Gupta and Aditi Rao’s characters in this movie.

Coolie No 1 Review

coolie no 1 review

Coolie No. 1 Review : I saw it in a hope of an iota of guilty pleasure or nostalgia. I was wrong !! 🙁

Dhawan mimicked other actors and majorly mimicked Govinda, Sara trying hard to act. Overacting by some classic actors who otherwise are outstanding actors.

Same story but the charm and simplicity of Govinda and Karishma were missing.

Watch 1995 Coolie No. 1 again but not this one.

AK vs AK Review

Ak vs Ak Review

Ak vs Ak Review : An offbeat and outlandish style of storytelling. It is definitely a bold attempt !!
The film is attempted as a mix of “serious” acting and subtle comedy. Scenes are not underlined.

A shoutout to Anil Kapoor and his family for meta-cinema  !!! It may not be strictly a meta-movie but definitely a good introduction for Indian audiences for meta movies.

Few foul words if Ignored, it can be a family pastime film.

Laxmii Review

laxmii review

Laxmii Review : A story of a ghost seeking revenge in return for something bad done to his family. An attempt to make something in the genre of bhool-bulaiya but nothing even close to it.  Nonsense claptrap!!

Bahut Hua Samman Review

Bahut Hua Samman Review

Bahut Hua Samman Review : The unclear plot, disarranged screenplay, some discrete jokes, average acting, and below-average direction.

A small town in the background and acting-master Sanjay Mishra also could not pull this movie to make it interesting. Makers have tried too hard to make the audience laugh but they are even not able to hold the audience’s attention.

Serious Men Review

Serious Men Review : It is based on Manu Joseph’s novel ”Serious Men“. Sudhir Mishra’s adaptation of Serious Men is spectacular and superfine. The screenplay is well written and the story is well adapted for a film.

Cinematography and background music adds emphasis to the meaning of the scene. Casting will make you believe in characters.

It has satire, fun along with commentary on contemporary society for caste divide, aspirations, exploitation, and much more which makes it a must-watch.