The Girl on the Train Review

The Girl on the Train Review : Over-enthusiast writing and over-enthusiastic direction with sometimes good sometimes bad acting by Praniti makes it only a one-time watch. That too only if you have not seen the original movie whose this movie is an official re-make.

AK vs AK Review

Ak vs Ak Review

Ak vs Ak Review : An offbeat and outlandish style of storytelling. It is definitely a bold attempt !!
The film is attempted as a mix of “serious” acting and subtle comedy. Scenes are not underlined.

A shoutout to Anil Kapoor and his family for meta-cinema  !!! It may not be strictly a meta-movie but definitely a good introduction for Indian audiences for meta movies.

Few foul words if Ignored, it can be a family pastime film.

Torbaaz Review

Torbaaz Review

Torbaaz Review : How they reach Afghanistan’s cricket team, sounds like an interesting plot !! but the clumsy screenplay and loose plot betrayed a promising story.

Welcome Home Review

welcome home review

Welcome Home Review : Written by Ankita Narang and based on a true story of child abuse. A thought-provoking and balanced screenplay which keeps you engaged till the end. Story buildup is slow but once it reaches a takeoff point you will surely appreciate it.

Bahut Hua Samman Review

Bahut Hua Samman Review

Bahut Hua Samman Review : The unclear plot, disarranged screenplay, some discrete jokes, average acting, and below-average direction.

A small town in the background and acting-master Sanjay Mishra also could not pull this movie to make it interesting. Makers have tried too hard to make the audience laugh but they are even not able to hold the audience’s attention.

Scam 1992 Review

Scam 1992 review

Scam 1992 Review : A story of a big bull who pulled up the market to new heights and how the time came when bull’s horns were heavy for itself. 

Good acting, meaningful background songs, and cinematography to believe and feel times of the 90s make it a good watch. It may remind you of the Guru movie. 

Class of 83 Review

Class of 83

Class of 83 Review : This film is based on a book named class of 83. Production and Cinematography team have done a good job to showcase Mumbai of the early ’80s but bookish screenplay failed to create the same impact when compared to books.

The role was apt for Bobby Deol and newcomers have done a good job.

Raat Akeli Hai Review

raat akeli hai review

Raat Akeli Hai Review : An investigative thriller where love drives the investigation. It is an old school pulp fiction story with a good cast and acting efforts. This is among few decent offerings from Netflix as far as Hindi content is considered. Watch it for a haweli, stubborn police officer, dirty family secrets, murder, and investigation.