Panchayat Web Series – Film ki Baat

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“Slow” is new Fastto connect

The story of Panchayat moves swiftly and gives a tickling sensation and would remind you of your vacations in your village. Even If you have never been to a village still you will fall in love with this village.

Very truly up-pradhaan (उप प्रधान)  says “ gaanv se pyaar ho jaaye ga”. The slowness of the story gives you time to experience and savor each and every emotion, character and backdrop build in this story.

City – Boy – Village, same ingredient but different recipe

The audience have seen many stories where the protagonist is from the village and the story revolves around his struggle in City. The writer has followed the same formula but presented it with a different twist by just reversing the whole ideology.

This reversal has somewhat given a fresh perspective towards major riders of the story. The hero has some burning motivation, tangible goals, inner conflicts and there are characters who either oppose or support him in his quest.

The beauty of the story is Phulera panchayat is its proximity towards reality and its unexplained yet interesting questions.  

Kyunki Jeetu hi Abhishek hai

Our classic Jeetu bhaiya is back.

Jeetu bhaiya is Amol Palekar for millennials, who does simple, non-conventional roles yet achieve a distinct space in our heart.

Writer has cashed in the nostalgia of Pitchers by using the “Gunde nahi hain .. Entrepreneur’s hai bhe…od” kind of moments.

When Abhishek says “Sachiv ki naukari karne valo ka koi aatma samman nahi hota”, our hearts sink and most of us start introspecting our own aatma samman somewhere down the lane. We can feel the same connection with Jeetu bhaiya as we have experienced in almost all of his previous performances.

Almost till the climax of series Jeetu has taken the story to new heights with a hope of something new brewing up at heights of that “tanki”, making all of us eagerly waiting for Panchayat – Season 2.

Jeetu Bhaiya amar rahe … 😃

Raja Babu and Nandu are back

“Office ka ek dum budka boss lag rahe hai ..” this dialogue from Vikas for Abhishek reminds me of Nandu saying “ Mele Raja babu …”.

But , Vikas has more to do than Nandu. When he says “Aatm samman bhi koi cheez hoti hai”, he contributes towards a major twist in the relationship between Sachiv ji and Pradhaan ji.

He is the connecting link between Pradhaan ji and Sachiv ji which has carried both of them very tastefully throughout the series. This gets very much evident from dialogues like “ Bechara akela aadmi hai .. “ when Pradhan ji asks Sachiv ji to leave the office and live in Fakauli bazaar. 

“Vikas” is trending again

A village boy , who is “Office Sahayak” , newly married and somehow in peace with his current situation, Writer has fairly named him “Vikas” !!!

Vikas teaches Abhishek rule of law in the village and helps him to go through the hero’s inner conflicts and outer struggles.

Vikas’s character is important to highlight the constant detachment of Abhishek towards the village, in front of whom he can express himself freely and take out his frustration. Correct slang and simplicity of Vikas has given this character the same importance as that of Abhishek’s character if not less.  

Manju Devi ❤️ Brij Bhushan

Manju shows her swag when she says “haan toh paitis saal se bana rahe hai… accha to banayenge hi” and at the same time portrays values of an Indian wife who respects his husband equally.

In simple words, Manju Devi is the conscience of Brij Bhushan Dube, who reminds him of his aberrations.

There are a lot of scenes throughout the series where you can witness that retro style love story an old-style love between a typical 80s or 90s couples, which might remind you of your parents as well in many instances.