Gullak 2 Review

Gullak 2 Review

Gullak 2 Review : Gullak season 2 is again a story of “Mishra Ji Family” which is as interesting as its first installment. You will again fall in love with this family and may also come closer to the family.

You will relate yourself to at least one character in their “Kissa”. Situations shown in this series are snippets of real life, character buildup is impressive and at the end, you want something more.

Kaagaz Review

Kaagaz Review : The movie has Bad man, item number, and many more hacks which used to work till late 90s but now are cliche. A real-life story like this needed a more sophisticated direction but was treated superficially.

It is the natural and effortless acting of Pankaj Tripathi which is the only reason which may give you a reason to watch this movie till the end. This is a warning call for Pankaj Tripathi… Is he the next victim of typecasting?

You would not regret watching this film though you will be disappointed.

Coolie No 1 Review

coolie no 1 review

Coolie No. 1 Review : I saw it in a hope of an iota of guilty pleasure or nostalgia. I was wrong !! 🙁

Dhawan mimicked other actors and majorly mimicked Govinda, Sara trying hard to act. Overacting by some classic actors who otherwise are outstanding actors.

Same story but the charm and simplicity of Govinda and Karishma were missing.

Watch 1995 Coolie No. 1 again but not this one.

AK vs AK Review

Ak vs Ak Review

Ak vs Ak Review : An offbeat and outlandish style of storytelling. It is definitely a bold attempt !!
The film is attempted as a mix of “serious” acting and subtle comedy. Scenes are not underlined.

A shoutout to Anil Kapoor and his family for meta-cinema  !!! It may not be strictly a meta-movie but definitely a good introduction for Indian audiences for meta movies.

Few foul words if Ignored, it can be a family pastime film.

I Know This Much Is True Review

I Know This Much Is True Review

I Know This Much Is True Review : A family that is full of secrets. A never-ending misery and battle with oneself. A story of a “not so perfect” man but who knows “this much is true”. “I Know This Much Is True” isn’t a journey that everyone would like to go on. Phenomenal acting helped audiences to go through the ever-increasing misery of the protagonist in this mini-series.

A Simple Murder: Short Review

A simple murder

A simple murder intends to be a dark comedy.

A chaotic and confused screenplay with too many plots and characters don’t look interesting and we could not continue watching after the second episode.

We have so much promising content on OTT that we will not recommend spending time on ” A simple Murder:

Diwali 2020 Movies

movies to watch this diwali

Chhallang Review : A family movie with a predictable screenplay that tries to find its plot after lethargic first 50 minutes. One time watch for family get together this Diwali.