Family Man 2 Review

family man 2

Family Man 2 Review : This mix of crime thriller and modern family drama. You will feel that too many valves are open, water is overflowing, and is suffocating you. Don’t worry that is what Shrikant also feels and then he takes charge of the situation. And you will enjoy a roller-coaster ride with Srikant.

For some, Family Man season one will be the better one among the two seasons. But definitely, all will wait for season 3

Sardar Ka Grandson Review

Sardar ka Grandson

Sardar Ka Grandson Review : A potentially good plot with weak execution. It is not a comedy movie and also not an emotional one. It hangs somewhere in between. Given a choice, I would re-write the screenplay with Neena Gupta as the protagonist. If you have watched the trailer, you will not get anything new in the movie. It may be due to overdone in trailers or underdone in movies.

You may watch it for the cuteness of Neena Gupta and Aditi Rao’s characters in this movie.

Aspirants Review


Aspirants Review : When you reach the fifth episode, which is the last episode, you feel it should not end. You want to see Abhilash succeed, to see Guri gets hitched, to see SK be happy, and to see Sandeep bhaiya become an IAS officer. You want the tripod to be balanced and you will have a love-hate feeling for Dharya.  This is the achievement of yet another successful attempt from TVF – Aspirants.

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare 2 Review

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare 2 Review : Following the season of a cult successful “Chacha Vidhayak hai hamare” has all checkbox ticked to retain its fanbase. Though it may fail to gather new fans. Makers have concentrated more on Zakhir Khan’s character as compared to the first season, where it was a more panoramic view. It is a must-watch family entertainer for this Holi.

Bombay Begums Review

bombay begums

Bombay Begums Review : A collection of good acting, screenplay with few flaws, and an interesting and thought-provoking web-series. It may be emotionally draining to go through this, for quite some of us.

Pagglait Review

pagglait review

Pagglait Review : It is a story of an early widow in a family, based in Lucknow. Story of 13 days where the departed soul finds its way to a world outside this world and his widow finds out a path for herself in this world. Subtle screenplay, impressive acting, and beautiful character sketch resulted in a must-watch.

The Girl on the Train Review

The Girl on the Train Review : Over-enthusiast writing and over-enthusiastic direction with sometimes good sometimes bad acting by Praniti makes it only a one-time watch. That too only if you have not seen the original movie whose this movie is an official re-make.

Jeet Ki Zid Review

Jeet Ki Zid

Jeet Ki Zid Review : A real-life story that has the potential to be translated into an engaging web series. A commendable effort from ever-improving Amit Sadh. This movie focuses on the personal life struggle of the Indian defense servicemen.

This series falls short on charm and enthusiasm which is a general trait of a patriotic film. Actors have tried their best to overcome the shortfalls of the screenplay.

Tribhanga Review


Tribhanga Review : This is one of the best Indian cinema portraying women. A fresh and beautiful story with an engaging screenplay. This is a simple story that ticks all checkboxes of a good story.  

Taandav Review


Taandav Review : Makers gathered all commendable actors for one of the most appealing plots for Indian audiences. Canvas was ready with all colors in the basket but the painter just spilled a few selective colors on canvas which resulted in a poor illustration of the craft.  

An attempted political thriller that shows only one side of the coin and is prejudiced against a specific religion with unnecessary sequences added just for political propaganda.